Secure & Mobile Access for everything in one App

Vendor Independent

KleverKey enables secure and mobile access management of physical products and services.

KleverKey is a Software-as-a-Service product and turns smartphones into virtual keys.


Automate your access to your desk and workstation.
Protect valuable contents.
Secure sensitive documents.
Lock away personal valuables.
Perfect for shared office environments.

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Automate your access to any door at home or in the office.
Protect and open your World.
Share access with chosen others by using KleverKey Cloud and App.

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KleverKey at a glance

devices accessed
As you are visiting our website, devices all over the world are being accessed keyless, thanks to KleverKey.
Ultra-Fast NFC access
Ultra-Fast connection from your mobile device to your desired KleverKey product.
bit crypto key
2048 Bit-Length of crypto keys to secure exchange of permissions.
Years battery life.
The devices from KleverKey assures a battery life time of up to 3 years.
(Depends on product type and usage.)

Integrated Protection
and Access

KleverKey protects and opens your World
securely, easily, fast and remotely.
Everything is integrated in just one App on your Smartphone or in the Cloud.

Share and Stop Permissions

KleverKey allows you to share and stop permissions with family, with friends, staff, cleaner, tradespeople, deliverers and other desirable visitors to your home and office securely, easily, fast and remotely, anytime and everytime.

Secure, Fast, Convenient

KleverKey protects and opens your World conveniently from up to 10 meters (Bluetooth) and ultra-fast in less than 1 second (NFC). All data is secure and encrypted.

Useful additional benefits

See the location of your KleverKey product, stay informed about battery or environmental data and even control your device from remote locations.

Build Rental Solutions

KleverKey enables secure storage and delivery of sensitive documents or goods and personal effects.

The integration of KleverKey in our infrastructure was easy and straightforward. Thanks to KleverKey we no longer need to worry about keys or access cards which greatly simplifies our process. With the KleverKey portal, managing access becomes a breeze. Working together with Swissprime was fantastic.

Thomas SchumannManager Technopark Winterthur

We use KleverKey as a Software-as-a-Service and are surprised how easy it was to integrate. By using the advanced HCE mode and KleverKey API, we were able to integrate a complete mobile access Management system with an unbeatable time-to-market.

Enrico CarreriCEO Squitek AG

We use KleverKey in many different applications to administrate access to sensitive documents and materials and we are thrilled about this solution!

The installation was very easy and the usage offers us numerous advantages compared to conventional locking solutions, since we can grant and revoke the digital rights anytime and from anywhere.

Christian MeierHead of Operations - Alpiq

KleverKey versatile and innovative concept is seamlessly integrated into our custom made furniture. To provide individual and intelligent solutions to our customers we rely on the easy to install and user friendly access control system of KleverKey.

Flroin ItenManaging Partner -