Access control for fitness and sports facilities (indoor and outdoor)

Member access management to indoor and outdoor sports and wellness facilities

Whether it is a gym, a sports field, or a wellness center – facilities of this kind need a reliable access control system that provides members and visitors with convenient access to the facilities. The system must be able to differentiate between people and authorizations selectively – and manage times, memberships, and areas individually.

KleverKey offers the optimal access control solution for you and your facility’s needs. To manage access to rooms clearly and cost-efficiently, we have developed the convenient KleverKey online locking system.

Do you already have an access control system for your fitness or sports center or wellness facility? Often existing, older solutions do not or only partially meet the high requirements of your industry. After all, a durable access control system must be convincing in terms of security and withstand the conditions on-site. Especially in health and sports facilities, which many people use, a reliable system must withstand environmental influences, such as temperature fluctuations, humidity, and frequent shocks.

KleverKey - the optimal solution for access control in the member area

But how does our electronic door locks system for sports clubs work? Firstly, when you purchase our access control system, you receive digital “keys”, i.e., access authorizations with which you can grant your members access to selected premises. This provides you with an easy way to maintain 24-hour operations seven days a week. Access management can include the entire facility or be selective (by individual rooms). In addition, you can make your key management much easier by equipping your wardrobes with the same system.

KleverKey aims to make your organizational workflow easier and provide you with an optimal overview of all accesses to your premises. The system, therefore, provides you with relevant data concerning your access management. Whenever you want, you can find out which person has entered the facility and which members use your services at what times of the day. This not only provides valuable information for direct marketing but also ensures corona traceability at all times.

Mood pictures fitness centersWith the KleverKey system, your members are free to choose which access medium they would like to use. In addition to a smart card or an attractively designed key fob, your own smartphone is also an option.

To ensure that everything is 100% fair and so you always know what you are paying us for, KleverKey uses a unique subscription calculation model. In this way, costs are billed daily based on the activated keys (authorizations). Sports and fitness facilities that use the KleverKey system enjoy significantly lower licensing costs compared to similar access solutions.

KleverKey system composition

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From what size sports club is an access control system suitable?

Are you wondering at what facility size electronic door locks are worthwhile for sports clubs? The truth is, every facility, large or small, benefits from an electronic lock management system. However, what system is the best choice for your institution depends on the number of members and your personal requirements.

Fittnessclub Schliessanlage

Three different system categories exist for different needs:

      1. RFID Locks (Offline): If you want to feed new authorizations into the system, each lock must be “taught” anew. So, to make sure the permissions are actually implemented, it is necessary to go to each individual lock and manually update them all. Some systems offer the possibility of making such changes via user cards. Still, it usually takes a while for the locks to get up to speed.
      2. Cloud-Based Access Control (Online): Offline RFID locks are also used with this version, but they are connected to the cloud. This way, mutations in the permissions can be handled centrally in the cloud. You also have the advantage of being able to control doors remotely. This function proves to be particularly practical, for example, to admit authorized persons who do not have their access authorization at hand.
      3. “On-Premise” Access Control (Online): The installation and maintenance effort for this version is significantly higher, but at the same time, such systems offer many possibilities for customization. The solutions are particularly suitable for larger institutions that are willing to maintain an on-site software solution.

Six advantages of an access control system


You can control your access authorizations in real-time and from any location.


At any time, you have an exact overview of all authorizations and who is in what rooms. The movements of employees, members, and visitors can also be tracked retrospectively.


Not only will you experience a noticeable relief, but also your employees and members will also benefit significantly.

Cost reduction

You and your employees are relieved and save time because granting and changing access authorizations could not be easier.

Key loss

Lost access keys can be blocked or renewed without much effort. New locking cylinders in the event of key loss, no longer have to be purchased.

Protection and security

Access Restriction: People without authorization are effectively prevented from accessing your rooms and areas. So with the help of the right system, you effectively counteract theft and damage to objects.

Areas to be protected in fitness, health, and sports facilities

Our access control solution for fitness, health, and sports facilities serves to secure your indoor areas as well as building security and area protection. The KleverKey system helps you in an extremely effective way to define uniform rules as to who may do what, where, and when. Thus, any person on your premises who wishes to gain access to a building or area must be able to present a valid means of identification. Of course, you can also program your KleverKey system to allow free access for everyone during normal opening hours.

Interior protection

A system is needed in any fitness or sports club to enable members and staff to access different rooms. With our electronic door locks for fitness clubs, you can optimize your access management and issue individual access authorizations for different people. Your Advantage: You get more structure and an overview of all authorized persons and their type of authorizations. You also have the option of securing and controlling individual rooms or entire areas centrally.

The KleverKey access control system for fitness centers and other commercial properties includes various locking components and easy-to-use software. With our fire protection certified locks, you are also prepared for emergencies as these resist fire and smoke and guarantee an unhindered exit from the building.

Building security (entrance area)

The KleverKey system components fit any door concept and reliably protect the entrance area of ​​fitness and sports facilities against unauthorized access. In addition to conventional, mechanical doors, electrified versions can also be integrated. Our products intended for the entrance area are particularly robust and protected against moisture (IP 66).

Area protection

Sports and fitness centers have many people coming and going every day. For this reason, it is important to maintain an overview and to rely on comprehensive access control for all security-relevant areas.

The most important rule when securing an area is that visitor flows must not be obstructed. Instead, it is about getting them into an unimpeded flow. KleverKey skillfully addresses this need and offers an access control system that does not stop visitors but at the same time leaves no area unsecured. Any person wishing to enter the premises requires authorization.

KleverKey makes security plannable in all indoor and outdoor areas. We achieve this by continuously developing all products and optimizing them for various applications. For outdoor applications, we offer hardware components, such as electronic door locks, as well as reliable, weather-resistant readers.

Would you also like to have more planning possibilities for your company parking spaces? Then bet on KleverKey. With the right access control product, you always have an overview of who is where and when. In addition, we offer the option to set up controlled access for parking spaces for optimal security.

Initial equipment or the subsequent retrofitting of your areas to be protected

You receive the comprehensive initial equipment with us, but of course, subsequent equipment is also possible. If you do not have an electronic access control system yet, you can set one up quickly and easily with our products.

If you already have another access solution and want to change over, the installation is also possible without any problems. In any case, you get a transparent and extremely flexible system that does not require any major system changes.

The easy retrofitting of traditional locking systems

KleverKey products for securing fitness, health, and sports facilities

Lock cylinder

KleverKey carries durable, intuitive locking cylinders. In contrast to conventional mechanical cylinders, these can be controlled electronically and are particularly easy to operate. With their help, time-controlled openings and closings can also be set up quickly and easily. To open a door, all that is then needed is authorization via a smartphone or smartcard.

Optionally, our high-quality locking cylinders are also available as weatherproof versions (IP66) for outdoor use. In addition, our keys are effectively protected against copying, forced openings, and intelligent manipulation.

Product features

Electronic lever handles for indoor and outdoor use

Regardless of whether you have a standard, security, or fire door – the various KleverKey handles and fittings are suitable for all commercially available doors. They score with a simple, timeless design and combine electronic and mechanical system components unobtrusively. All products meet the highest security standards, controlling every entry and exit and preventing unauthorized access.

Product features

Wall readers for electrical access systems

The electronic wall readers from KleverKey are used to operate electric door openers, door and gate drives, and lifts. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right wall reader for your requirements. Of course, our product portfolio also includes a reader specially protected to IP66 for outdoor use, which can withstand even high loads.

Product features

Identification means for secure access

To enable you to quickly and conveniently authorize yourself, your employees, and members for access, we offer various identification and verification methods. As part of our access control for fitness centers, you can use your own smartphone as an identification medium in conjunction with the KleverKey app. In addition, you can choose from ID cards or special key fobs. Also, the detection of the means of identification by the readers is completely contactless.

to the shop

Management interface

To make it easy for you to use your digital access solution, we have kept the administrative effort for assigning access rights very low. With KleverKey, you get state-of-the-art management software to control your locking system. The control of the permissions is possible via any ordinary browser or on any terminal device.

Instead of tediously walking to each individual lock, with KleverKey, there is only one software to operate. Access rights for employees and guests can be managed with just a few clicks. Another plus point is that monitoring of all accesses can be easily created in the administration interface.

The open cloud interface (API) also allows existing or new membership management or booking systems to be integrated. This enables them to achieve an even higher degree of automation and reduces manual effort.

Authorization management

Authorization management


Dashboard for system overview

The cost of an access control solution for sports, health, and fitness clubs

Barchart TCO Fitness Access Control System

The price for your individual access solution results from the following cost items:

      1. Acquisition costs (hardware, such as a cylinder, wall reader, door handle)
      2. Software License Costs and Maintenance Costs
      3. Costs for the installation of the hardware components (internal or external)
      4. Costs incurred during the course of use, for example, time for planning authorizations.

The graphic example depicts the costs for a fitness center with 10 employees and 300 members. The company has 1 entrance door, and 4 interior doors, and the different systems are compared with each other:

      1. KleverKey Online Access Solution (Cloud): Management is carried out via the KleverKey cloud portal; the KleverKey gateway interconnects the locks. The control runs via Bluetooth Low Energy and RFID (NFC). No on-site software installation is required.
      2. Offline Systems: The locks are not networked with each other; the communication with the smart cards runs via RFID. Mutations must be made to each individual lock.
      3. Online “On-Premise” Systems: Due to the rather high installation and maintenance effort, these systems are better suited for larger companies.
      4. Online Access Solution Competitor (Cloud) from competing manufacturers

License Costs for Non-Profit Organizations and Associations

We are committed to the common good and, therefore, offer reduced licensing costs to associations and non-profit organizations. The goal of this offering is to provide optimal access control to non-profit organizations.

Please contact us for a concrete offer.


The annual cost of the KleverKey access control system for fitness centers is approximately 1,690 CHF (1,550 euros). Compared to competing systems, we offer a great price-performance ratio. Our attractive prices are due, in part, to our low installation costs and the simple, cost-effective use of KleverKey solutions. Comparable systems from other manufacturers cost around CHF 1,820 (EUR 1,650).

The high internal operating costs of offline systems are particularly expensive, and these cost CHF 3,300 (3,000 euros) per year. For online “on-premise” systems, you can pay CHF 2,720 (EUR 2,470) per year.

KleverKey offers the ideal electronic access control for fitness centres and sports clubs

The integrated access solutions from KleverKey help you and your buildings and outdoor areas to achieve greater security. With our electronic door locks for fitness clubs and the corresponding software, you get an easy-to-use system that reliably secures your indoor and outdoor areas.

Do you have questions about our products and would like advice? We would be happy to have a personal discussion with you to clarify any remaining uncertainties. Send us a non-binding inquiry today, and we will get back to you promptly regarding our locking system for fitness centers and sports clubs. Upon request, we will also send you a free, individual offer. Of course, we will not leave you alone after your purchase and will be by your side with help and advice.

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