The cost of the KleverKey access solution compared to the other available systems

Wondering what access control costs for your business? For this consideration, it is necessary to look at the various relevant cost types:

  • Acquisition Costs: Costs for hardware, such as cylinders, door handles, readers, etc.
  • Subscription resp. User Licensing Costs: Expenses for the software solution and its maintenance.
  • Installation Costs: The components must be assembled and installed. Either internal personnel costs or external costs are incurred for this.
  • Operating Costs: Costs that you incur internally as a result of the operation or maintenance. The use of the system.
    Calculation basis

Barchart TCO Fitness Access Control System

In the graph above, we have depicted the costs for an SME with 30 employees. The SME has 1 entrance door and 4 interior doors.

In our example, the different systems or system categories are compared with each other:

  1. KleverKey Online (Cloud) Access Solution:
    Here, no software installation is necessary on-site; the administration takes place via a cloud portal; the locks are with our gateway and WiFi connection to the cloud and can be connected via Bluetooth and RFID (NFC) for access.
  2. Offline Systems:
    The locks are not networked and communicate with smart cards via RFID. Mutations must be done on each individual lock on-site.
  3. Online Systems (“On-Premise):
    These systems operate with an on-site, installed, and maintained software environment. These systems are more suitable for larger companies
    , are maintenance-intensive, and come with a higher installation cost associated with the high installation effort.
  4. Online (Cloud) Access Solution Competitor:
    Comparable in function to the KleverKey system, but from competing manufacturers.


At approx. 810 CHF (740 EUR) in annual operating costs, the KleverKey access control system compares favourably with competing systems.

Offline systems cost the most at CHF 3,460 (EUR 3,150) per year due to the high operating costs (costs for internal resources).

Online system "On-Premise" also costs CHF 2,720 (EUR 2,470) per year, whereby this is due to the complex installation.

Compared to other online systems, KleverKey scores points due to the low installation costs and its simple and efficient software solution, which costs 1,830 CHF / 1,660 EUR per year.

Calculation of the Operating Resp.

Usage Costs:

User Invitation: 1 invitation per week plus the initial invitation for all employees; Internal hourly rate CHF 100

User Blocking: 4 times a year; internal hourly rate CHF 100

Readout Log: Once a month; internal hourly rate CHF 100

Software Resp. Firmware Update: 2 times a year; internal hourly rate CHF 100

Change Configuration: 2 times a year; internal hourly rate CHF 100

Battery Change: Once a year; internal hourly rate CHF 100

Card Training: 20 times a year; internal hourly rate CHF 100

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