Access control for industrial and craftsman companies

Protection and access control for industrial and craftsman companies

Regardless of whether it is an electronics company, subcontracting industry or a traditional caftsman company – theft or espionage can pose a real threat to your business. Industrial buildings, therefore, place special demands on safety measures. Inadequate access control systems can have serious consequences.

KleverKey’s Solution: A modern access control system for industrial companies that guarantees an optimum level of security.

Many industrial and craftsman companies already have an access control system, but this is often insufficient in fulfilling the high requirements of the respective industry. In addition to reliable access control for danger zones, prevailing ambient conditions must also be considered, especially in production, the workshop, or the warehouse. It is important to integrate systems that can withstand adversities, such as dirt, shocks, and temperature fluctuations.

With a modern access control solution, you can effectively prevent unauthorized entry into relevant areas, such as laboratories or production – thus creating security.

Without authorization - no access

Important areas in industrial and craftsman companies should be secure places where only authorized persons are present. At the same time, such places need flexibility. It must be possible to set up temporary, even short-term, authorization of access rights so that, for example, visitors or suppliers can gain access to certain areas. Access control also ensures precise documentation of all data and events to control the respective area without any gaps.

All of this is offered with the installation of an access control system from KleverKey. Our access control system for industrial and craftsman companies manages access rights for persons and areas quickly and effectively. It also adapts quickly to new or temporary employees, partners, or suppliers. Unauthorized persons, on the other hand, are effectively excluded. All authorizations can be controlled online and managed centrally via intuitive and very easy-to-use software.

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For what company size is an access control system suitable?

An electronic locking solution is suitable for any type and size of industrial or craftsman companies. What system is right for you depends on the number of employees and your own requirements.

Target group

For industrial and craftsman companies, we distinguish between three system categories:

  1. Offline RFID Locks: Here, it is necessary to learn who the new authorizations are, and this is usually done directly with each individual lock. This means that each lock must be individually re-updated on-site to ensure that the permissions are up to date. This can be partially circumvented with systems that transport the mutation via the user cards. Either way, it takes some time for the locks to really incorporate the current locking plans.
  2. Cloud-Based Access Control: In this version, the offline RFID locks are connected to the cloud. In this way, all changes in permissions can be handled centrally in the cloud. Another plus point: You have the option of controlling the doors remotely. This is advantageous if an authorized person wants to enter but does not have the digital access authorization at hand.
  3. On-Premise Access Control: With this solution, a software application is installed on-site. The installation and maintenance are greater here, but there are numerous options for adapting the system to individual requirements.

What are the advantages of an access control system?

More Flexibility

Access authorizations can be controlled in real time and from any location.

More Transparency

You always know who is in which areas and you can keep track of all access authorizations. In addition, all movements can be tracked retroactively.

More Comfort

The responsible administrators of the system are relieved, but the employees and guests also benefit from a simple, reliable access solution.

Cost Savings

Granting and changing authorizations is quick and easy, which is a real relief for the responsible employees.

Value of a Key

Lost access keys can be blocked and replaced without much effort. The purchase of new locking cylinders is no longer necessary.

Effective Access Restriction

Unauthorized persons are effectively prevented from gaining access. Theft and damage to persons and property can thus be effectively prevented.

Objects to be protected in industrial or craftsman companies

Indoor protection

Who is allowed to do what, where, and when? Our access control for industrial and office buildings helps you to establish uniform rules in this respect.

Building security

The locking solution ensures that every person must use a lock cylinder or card reader to access a building.



Outdoor areas and parking lots can also be effectively protected without obstructing the flow of personnel.

Interior protection

The employees of every company perform different tasks and cover different distances in their daily work. To be able to do this quickly and efficiently, they need specific access authorizations. When setting up these authorizations as part of a locking system, possible individual daily changes should always be considered.

Bring more structure to the authorizations available in your company with a KleverKey access management system. With the help of our access control, you can secure individual rooms or entire areas comprehensively and conveniently. Our access solution for commercial properties includes various locking components and easy-to-use software.

In the event of a fire, our fire safety certified locks resist fire and smoke, ensuring an unobstructed exit for the people within the building.

Building security (entrance area)

The entrance area of industrial and craftsman companies should always be well protected against unauthorized access. In addition to valuable objects and production knowledge, the protection of sensitive data is also at stake.

KleverKey offers suitable system components for every door concept. Electrified doors can be integrated as well as conventional mechanical doors. All products used in entrance areas are protected against moisture (IP 66) and are particularly robust. Our range also includes the appropriate technology for escape and rescue routes.

Area protection

Typically, there is often a lot of coming and going in a workshop or factory of larger companies. Usually, a site also includes several additional buildings and areas. A holistic access control system is needed for all security-relevant areas and boundaries to ensure that the overview is not lost.

When securing an area, it is important not to obstruct the flow of people but to allow it to flow unhindered. At the same time, access control is about leaving no area unsecured and obtaining authorization for each person who wants to enter the respective premises.

Our digital locking system with electronic door locks provides the ideal solution for access control in industrial buildings and their associated areas. We make security plannable in every area by continuously developing our proven products and adapting them to different application scenarios. Our portfolio includes hardware components, such as electronic door locks and readers for outdoor use.

You can also use the digital KleverKey products to plan your company car parks. Keep track of who is on the premises and when – and set up controlled access to increase security.

Original equipment or retrofitting

We offer both the comprehensive initial equipment and retrofitting at a later date. You do not have an electronic access control system yet? No problem, the installation within your company buildings can be implemented quickly and with relatively little effort using KleverKey. The result is a flexible, transparent system that does not require any far-reaching system changes.

Do you have another access solution for your premises, but you would like to change? This is also possible without any problems with KleverKey. We are happy to advise you on how this is possible.

Retrofit in the twinkling of an eye


"With KleverKey we found an ideal solution to manage access to our company building. The installation was easy and we were able to do this without an installation company within a very short time."

Sascha Hönninger
Managing Director
Pila GmbH

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Products for securing industrial premises

Lock cylinder

KleverKey offers robust, easy-to-use locking cylinders for industrial and craftsman companies access control. Instead of conventional mechanical cylinders, with this product, you get electronically controllable units, thanks to which time-controlled openings and closings are also possible. The door opening only requires authorization via a smartphone or smartcard.

The high-quality locking cylinders offer the ideal support for access control to your buildings and premises. The keys are also protected against copying, forced openings, and intelligent manipulation.

Product features

Door Handles for Indoor and Outdoor Use

The electronic handles and fittings are suitable for almost all commercially available doors. Their simple, timeless design is hardly noticeable and combines electronic and mechanical components in minimal space. A battery supplies the power, and the practical LED signal informs you about the charge status. Once installed, the door handles electronically control every entry and exit.

Whether for standard applications, security doors, or fire doors – the KleverKey range includes different electronic door locks. All products meet the highest security requirements against unauthorized access.

Product features

Wall Reader for Electrical Doors and Access Systems

KleverKey offers a wide range of electronic wall readers, which can be used to operate electric door openers, door and gate drives, and lifts. Take advantage of our advice to find the best wall reader for your application. Among many other variants, we offer, for example, a reader with IP66 protection for outdoor use. The device is optimally protected against adverse weather conditions and reliably withstands high loads.

Product features

Identification through secure access media

Several identification means are available for identification and verification within the scope of our access control for industrial buildings. For example, using one’s own smartphone, which becomes an identification medium via Bluetooth with the KleverKey app, is popular. Verification is also possible by employing an ID card or key fob. The readers’ detection of the respective identification media could not be more convenient because it is completely contactless.

to the shop

Management interface

It is important to us that customers can use our digital solutions easily and quickly. Therefore, we have kept the administrative effort for granting access rights very low. The result is modern access management software, which enables our customers to control their locking system easily via their browser and on all mobile devices.

The operation of the software is particularly intuitive and, therefore, safe. Save yourself time by locking and assigning rights to employees and visitors in just a few clicks. Furthermore, you also have the possibility of monitoring all access. Thanks to task-oriented dialogues, the software also helps you with questions and uncertainties.

Authorization management

Authorization management


Dashboard for system overview

Costs for access control for industrial and craftsman companies

Barchart TCO Fitness Access Control System

The price for an access solution for your industrial or commercial company is calculated based on the following factors:

  1. Acquisition costs for the hardware, e.g., cylinder, reader, door handle.
  2. License and maintenance costs for the software.
  3. Installation Costs: Internal or external costs for installing any hardware components.
  4. Operating Costs: Costs that arise for you through the access control system’s operation, for example, time for the administration of authorizations.

The example given in the figure shows the costs incurred for an SME with 30 employees, one entrance door, and four interior doors. The bars show the costs that would be incurred for the different systems.

  1. KleverKey Online (Cloud) Access Solution: No software installation on-site; management via the KleverKey Cloud portal; connection of locks with KleverKey Gateway; control via Bluetooth and RFID (NFC).
  2. Offline Systems: No networking of locks; communication with smartcards via RFID; mutations are made at each individual lock on-site.
  3. Online Systems (“On-Premise”): On-site installation and maintenance of the software; a rather high installation and maintenance effort (better suited for larger companies).
  4. Online (cloud) Access Solution Competitor: An access solution from competing manufacturers comparable to the KleverKey system.


Compared to competing systems, the KleverKey access control system offers great value for money at around 810 Swiss francs (740 euros) in annual operating costs. This is mainly due to the low installation costs and the simple, cost-saving handling of the digital solutions from KleverKey. Other online systems, however, cost around 1,830 Swiss francs (1,660 euros).

Due to the high internal operating costs, offline systems are the most expensive at 3,460 Swiss francs (3,150 euros) per year. For online systems “on-premise”, you also have to pay 2,720 Swiss francs (2,470 euros) per year due to the complex installation.

Electronic locking systems for modern industrial and commercial buildings - you are on the safe side with Kleverkey

KleverKey’s complete solutions make your buildings, interiors, and outdoor areas more secure. You also benefit from the ease of using our modern, digital solutions. Contact us today for a no-obligation inquiry and receive comprehensive advice on our product range. If you are interested in a locking system for industrial buildings, our service team will promptly send you a free offer tailored to your needs. Of course, we will also be available after your locking system’s commission to provide you with valuable tips and answer all of your questions.

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