Need access control for offices? The intelligent access solution from KleverKey fits the bill.

Offices are the centre of the modern working world!

Offices serve the stay of your employees, customers, and business partners and protect valuable and exclusive information, movables, and valuables. A modern working environment in a service environment follows a holistic technical concept: All access is managed systematically and uniformly.

KleverKey products ensure secure and convenient access to your office buildings and optimal access control for offices. The design, technology, and management software are 100% coordinated. The result is a secure system for access control to your offices. It goes without saying that we focus on your personal needs and requirements when planning and advising you. KleverKey provides you with all of the appropriate components and services from a single source, from door closers to access control, from the entrance area to the top floor.

Authorised access only

Your office should be a place where exclusive information and trade secrets are safe. At the same time, offices need flexibility – and they must be able to adapt quickly to new or temporary employees, partners, and suppliers. This requires an office access control system that grants access to authorized persons as quickly and conveniently as possible – and effectively excludes unauthorized persons.

Whether on the floor or entrance doors, corridor doors, or doors to individual offices – no matter where you want to install a locking system for your offices, KleverKey has a suitable solution for you. With our help, you can determine exactly who should have access to each door and who should not. Our intuitive software ensures that all access authorizations can be controlled online. In addition, you can conveniently manage your access control system centrally. In this way, you ensure that only authorized persons can enter the respective areas.

Who is suitable for an electronic locking solution?

An electronic locking solution is suitable for any size service company. Depending on the number of employees and your requirements, the different systems may be more or less suitable.

Zutrittskontrolle für Büros, aber ab welcher Grösse?

We have three system categories for corporate customers.

  1. Offline RFID Locks: New authorizations are sent directly to the offline locks. The disadvantage is that each lock has to be individually retrained for mutations. The person responsible goes from door to door applying the mutations and ensures all authorizations are up to date. Partial attempts are made with networking or systems where the new information is distributed via the users’ cards, but this means that the authorizations are not really up to date.
  2. Cloud-Based Access Control: Offline RFID locks are suitably connected to the cloud and also offer the option of handling all mutations centrally via an administration interface in the cloud. This eliminates the need to go to each individual door lock. Another plus is the ability to open doors remotely, e.g., if an authorized person wishes to enter who does not have a digital key (access authorization in the form of a smartcard or key fob) to hand.
  3. “On-Premise” Access Control: Solutions for larger operations are typically managed with on-site software solutions. These are usually associated with a considerable installation effort, higher maintenance, and many possibilities to be adapted to individual requirements.

Access control for offices with a system from KleverKey offers many advantages

More overview

Know who is in what office at all times. In this way, you can keep an overview and also track movements retrospectively.


Access authorizations can be managed in real-time and from anywhere. This creates additional flexibility.

Comfort gain

Not only the administrators but also the users and guests appreciate a simple and secure access solution. It is good for your image.

Lower costs

Sharing, revoking, or changing permissions takes less time and relieves the burden on those responsible.

Key loss

Lost keys can be blocked and replaced in no time at all. Costs for new locking cylinders are thus eliminated entirely.

Secure access

Access for unauthorized persons is made considerably more difficult. Damage to persons and property can be effectively prevented.

By regulating access control to office buildings, KleverKey products protect valuable data and material assets. You can define individual access authorizations to different areas for all employees, partners, and visitors. In addition to spatial restrictions, time restrictions can also be defined in our access control for office buildings.

One of the greatest advantages of KleverKey’s electronic access control for offices is that you always have an overview of the access authorizations of all persons in the company. The problem of “forgotten doors” is thus eliminated. In addition, the authorizations can be changed at any time, and you have the option of defining many different access profiles.

Certain identifiers regarding access media serve as “keys” to identify and verify against the respective access control for offices. Such identification media can be, for example, a smartphone or smart card. However, if they are lost, the entire lock cylinder does not have to be replaced. Instead, you or your employees can initiate the immediate blocking of the respective transponder.

Areas of service companies to be protected

Indoor protection

With the help of our access control for offices, you can finally find a uniform regulation about who, what, where, and when is allowed.

Building security

Smart identification systems ensure that anyone who wants to enter a building has to use a card reader or lock cylinder.



Areas or parking spaces can be effectively protected without obstructing the flow of personnel who have the appropriate authorizations.

Interior protection within a service company

Every company is unique. The employees have different tasks and areas as well as authorizations. In addition, there are changes during the day, which a locking system for offices should consider.

Therefore, use a KleverKey access management system and bring more structure to these relationships. With the help of our access solution, you will finally find a uniform regulation to who can access your buildings and offices and where and when.

Using a KleverKey solution allows you to allocate buildings and offices correctly, comprehensively, and centrally. For this purpose, KleverKey offers you a highly efficient solution consisting of various locking components with easy-to-use but comprehensive software.

Every company has its own challenges and different premises. When planning an access solution for your offices, your individual requirements are the focus. Our software ensures that doors and locks can distinguish between people.

Accordingly, you can set up the system so that permanent employees receive different authorizations or, as external employees or visitors, only have access to certain rooms. At the same time, you enjoy an overview of the big picture at all times – and you can view and, if necessary, change all access rights that are limited in terms of time and space.

KleverKey’s access control for offices adapts flexibly to your security requirements. This gives you the possibility of changing the access rights for certain people at any time – very quickly via our cloud portal or even via a smartphone. And in the event of an emergency, our access control is there for you. If a fire should break out in a room or building, our fire protection systems provide certified locks with the necessary resistance to fire and smoke and allows the unhindered exiting of your employees.

Not only do our wireless locking components for doors meet the highest quality standards, but the user-friendliness of our management software is also important. It is even better for your needs via regular updates to ensure the system is optimized. Prepare yourself in advance for visitors, and precisely regulate who will be present, when, and for how long. Depending on your individual requirements, managing your visitor management utilizing our management portal allows for the access of every person to all indoor rooms.

Building security (entrance area)

Regardless of whether you are an SME, a large corporation, or an office community – regulated access control for the entrance area to your company is more important than ever. After all, the protection of sensitive data and other corporate assets is at stake. What you need to protect your assets optimally is precisely defined access control. Smart identification systems ensure that anyone who wants access to your business has to use a card reader or lock cylinder.

Our access control system allows for a better overview and control of the comings and goings at your entrance doors. Regardless of your door concept for the entrance area, KleverKey offers the appropriate system components. This means that already electrified doors can be integrated into the system just as easily as simpler mechanical doors. The products used at entrance areas are permanently protected against moisture. The robustness of these components and the trouble-free access to your company is thus guaranteed in the long run. We can also supply you with the appropriate technology for escape and rescue routes.

KleverKey stands for security and transparency, a modern access control system for offices. In strategically important departments, such as R&D and IT, access authorizations for employees, visitors, and suppliers are extremely important. All movements must be controlled, and access via means, such as identification cards, allows people to be reliably assigned, which is what our software-based systems accomplish.

Give your employees and visitors a safe welcome – through secure and representative main entrances with modern door systems.

Area protection

In particular, the sites of larger companies often comprise several buildings and possibly associated areas. People are constantly coming in and out of many of these areas, so an overview is easily lost. For this reason, there is a need for the holistic control of the movement of people and sensitive access control to offices – especially in particularly sensitive areas.

Such security-relevant areas and boundaries exist, not only inside but also with outside buildings. To work efficiently, the flow of people must be unhindered in all directions. At the same time, no area should be unsecured, and there needs to be control of authorizations for all people coming and going.

KleverKey’s access control for office buildings and associated areas provides the ideal solution for this: A digital locking system. We are continuously developing our proven products and adapting them to a wide range of applications. Our access control system for sites includes hardware components, such as electronic door cylinders and readers for outdoor areas with which doors and gates can be controlled. Safety can, therefore, be planned in every area.

Even company parking lots are sensitive areas that need to be organized and secured. These areas, which are usually limited in space, are used by employees, suppliers, and visitors. Those in charge wrestle with keeping track of the number and types of people and vehicles on the premises at all times. To ensure that traffic flow remains fluid and safety does not suffer, access should be controlled. This will prevent more vehicles from entering the site than there are parking spaces available. It ensures predictability and uses digital means to do so.

Original equipment or retrofit

Of course, a KleverKey access control system is ideally suited for setting up your company’s access points and offices. You get a flexible system that grows with your needs, without the need for major system changes.

For companies that have secured their rooms and accesses conventionally or with another access solution to date, retrofitting is surprisingly easy and can be accomplished with little effort.

Retrofit in the blink of an eye


"As a digital agency, we live contemporary forms of work and are repeatedly confronted with the challenge of being able to quickly and easily assign temporary authorizations for access to our office. With KleverKey, we were able to put an end to the key chaos - temporary authorizations can be assigned and revoked at any time and regardless of location."


Peter Whinyates
Managing Partner

Referenz Zutrittskontrolle für Dienstleistungsunternehmen
Entrance area service company

Products for securing office buildings and premises

Locking cylinders for securing your offices

Our robust and easy-to-use locking cylinders are ideally suited for controlling access to office buildings. They are electronically controlled and thus replace mechanical cylinders. The door is opened by authorization via a smartphone or smartcard, and time-controlled openings and closings can also be programmed.

The high-quality locking cylinders offer the best possible protection against the copying of keys, intelligent manipulation, and forced openings. In this way, they optimally support the access control for your offices.

Product features

Door handles for indoor or outdoor use

The electronic lever handles and door fittings from KleverKey can be attached to almost all commercially available doors. The lever handles have an unobtrusive, timeless design and combine electronics, mechanics, and a power supply through a battery and LED signaling in the smallest possible space. Once attached to the door, they control access electronically – and thus represent a modern, design-oriented option for access control to office buildings.

KleverKey offers you different variants of electronic door locks – from standard applications to security doors or doors for fire protection.

Product features

Wall reader for electrical doors and access systems

Our wall readers enable you to operate electric door openers, electric doors, gate drives, or elevators. KleverKey offers a whole range of electronic wall readers. For example, we have a model with IP66 protection for outdoor use in our portfolio, defying even the most adverse weather conditions and withstanding high loads.


Product features

Identification through secure access media

For identification and verification with our access control for office buildings, you can use different identification means. These include a smartphone with the KleverKey App (via Bluetooth) or an ID card, a key fob, or a transponder on a wristband. The corresponding readers can detect these without contact.

to the shop

Management Interface

The digital solutions from KleverKey are so practical because they keep the administrative effort for the allocation of access rights extremely low. We have modern and versatile management software, which allows you to manage the office locking system via your browser or phone.

The software facilitates the operation and makes it more intuitive and thus safer. WHEREAS previously, you needed many clicks or to walk from door to door. Today, assigning rights to visitors or employees is much more convenient and faster. Task-oriented dialogs with the software offer assistance with questions and uncertainties. It allows you to handle access control accurately.

Our high standard of safety is also evident in other features. For example, you can monitor accesses and thus control your security system even more effectively. Another plus point in the operation is that the KleverKey management software works on all mobile devices via the browser – whether it is a smartphone or tablet.

Authorization management

Authorization management


Dashboard for system overview

How much does an access control system for service companies cost?

Barchart TCO Fitness Access Control System

Wondering what access control costs for your service business? For this consideration, it is necessary to look at the various relevant cost types:

Acquisition Costs: Price for hardware, such as cylinders, door handles, readers, etc.

License Costs: For the software solution and its maintenance.

Installation Costs: The components must be installed. Either internal or external costs are incurred for this.

Operating Costs: Costs that you incur internally due to the operation, e.g., the time required to manage authorizations.

In the graph above, we have depicted the costs for an SME with 30 employees. The SME has one entrance door and four interior doors. The different systems are compared with each other:

KleverKey Online (Cloud) Access Solution: Here, no on-site software installation is required; management is done via a cloud portal; the locks are connected to the cloud with our gateway and WiFi and can be controlled via Bluetooth and RFID (NFC).

Offline Systems: The locks are not networked and communicate with smart cards via RFID – mutations usually have to be made on-site with each individual lock.

Online Systems (“On-Premise”): These systems work with an on-site installation and a maintained software environment. These systems are more suitable for larger companies and require higher maintenance and installation efforts.

Online (Cloud) Access Solution Competitor: Comparable to the KleverKey system in terms of functionality, but from competing manufacturers.


With approx. 810 CHF (740 EUR) in annual operating costs, the KleverKey access control system is favorable compared to competing systems.

  • Offline systems cost the most at CHF 3,460 (EUR 3,150) per year due to the high operating costs (costs for internal resources).
  • The online system “On-Premise” also costs 2,720 CHF (2,470 EUR) per year due to the complex installation.
  • Compared to other online systems, KleverKey scores points due to its low installation costs. Due to the easy and efficient use of software solutions, the cost is 1830 CHF / 1660 EUR per year.

Electronic locking systems for today's office buildings: Rely on KleverKey

Whether you want an access control system for outdoor areas, indoor areas, or building security – we offer you the complete solution. Not only do we provide you with comprehensive advice on all of our products, but we are also there to support you after your locking system for office buildings has been put into operation.

Are you interested in a modern locking system for your office buildings? Then get in touch with us today for a no-obligation inquiry. Our customer service will promptly send you a free quote for a locking system for your office premises – and we will, of course, be happy to answer all of your questions on the subject of locking systems for offices.

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