We Protect What Is Important To You!

Our Smart Locks help to manage and effectively secure corporate access.

KleverKey is a brand of Swissprime Technologies AG

Swissprime Technologies AG is a Swiss technology company located in Horgen ZH. Our main product is the KleverKey Access control system.

KleverKey’s high-quality electronics and locking components, together with an intelligent IoT gateway, is a comprehensive software solution in focus. It includes a cloud application with a portal, mobile apps, and firmware for the hardware components. 

The mission of Swissprime Technologies AG is next-generation high-tech solutions that offer customers real added value and completely new possibilities.

KleverKey is an Access-as-a- Service solution, which is an ideal fit.


The KleverKey team consists of technology specialists. Engineering, coding, marketing, and sales work hand in hand and form a close community of values ​​that persistently and consistently pursue the company’s goals. Trust, reliability, excellence, and inventiveness are our basis for growing with partners and customers and bringing our vision to life.



Award SSA 2015
Award Innovation World Cup
Awards Swiss Logistics
Award Security Essen