The KleverKey Mission

Our mission is to make our customer’s lives more simple and secure by offering vendor-independent secure & mobile Access Management.

01. Research

You are assured of the best solutions, because we analysed customer problems and unmet needs related to access control, identified the pain points and searched the best approach to solve it.

02. Design

You can be sure that we offer the most innovative solutions with that they contain the highest security and comply with all relevant specifications and norms for Europe. With our team of talented engineers and business experts, we have created solutions using the most advanced technologies and frameworks and a strong focus on customer benefits and ease-of-use.

03.  OEM Collaboration

You get a safe and easy solution to make your products keyless accessible with KleverKey.
We establish agreements with manufacturers and suppliers to deliver the best and most innovative products and an unbeatable customer experience.

Swiss Made Vision


Swissprime Technologies is an innovative and forward-looking tech company, who creates and markets mobile technologies providing fast and secure controlled access to locked spaces.
The technology company was founded in 2009 and is located close to Zürich in Switzerland.
The company has global reach with technologies that are developed in Switzerland.

We develop everything in-house and identify strongly with Swiss values such as quality and reliability. We are a member of the swiss made software label.

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