Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you will find questions we often hear from our customers and our answers to them. If you have a question that you don’t get answered here, you can always reach us through the chat (bottom left).

The general security of a cloud-based (online) locking system is very high. An electronic locking system opens up new security-related possibilities that a classic system does not offer: immediate withdrawal of authorization in the event of key loss, control of use, no unauthorized disclosure and a complete overview at all times. On the other hand, KleverKey uses modern encryption and authentication methods to ensure IT security at all times.

Thanks to our cloud architecture, all interactions between authorized persons, the locks and the management software are 100% traceable. Thus, our support staff can locate errors without any doubt and help the administrator or user very quickly and show a solution. Teure Wartungsarbeiten vor Ort sind somit nicht erforderlich, was die Kosten reduziert. Sollte mal ein Schloss defekt sein, erhält der Kunde umgehend ein Austauschschloss zugestellt. The way to the KleverKey support is possible without detours by phone or e-mail.

Managing locks via a secure cloud offers countless benefits. To ensure that this software infrastructure functions reliably, remains secure at all times and the range of functions can be continuously adapted to your needs (continuous innovation), a team of developers is permanently working on the KleverKey software. This gives you the certainty of using a solution that works at the cutting edge today, tomorrow and even in 10 years’ time. For this service you pay a subscription fee. But actually it was no different in the past: Software for professional use was offered together with a maintenance contract and limited runtime.

We have implemented processes and measures aimed at ensuring that no outages occur. Here you will finde some examples:

  • Highest performance through continuous quality and connectivity testing
  • Early detection of faults through continuous monitoring (see also our status page)
  • Automatic and manual tests that detect errors at an early stage (CI/CD = continuous integration/continuous delivery)

We protect and secure our services through various coordinated but independently functioning security measures. Legally compliant storage, encryption, processing and deletion of data is implemented to secure our infrastructure. KleverKey software runs on Microsoft (Azure), a modern, stable and secure cloud infrastructure. Through continuous independent verification of our security concepts, you can be sure that your data is as safe as possible in the KleverKey Cloud.

Our locks are designed to be opened with cards or smartphone (app) even without power, WiFi or internet. Internet connection is required for synchronization of permissions between Cloud and the locks or remote openings. Internet connection is required for synchronization of permissions between Cloud and the locks or remote openings. Log data is also tracked in the process.

The battery must have a sufficient state of charge to open the locks. But don’t worry: you will be informed in time when the battery needs to be changed. In the Admin Dashboard of the management software, you have an overview of the battery level in the various locks at all times and the administrator receives corresponding messages by e-mail if a battery change is opportune. If you are unable to open a door despite all warnings and due to a dead battery, it can either be easily replaced from the outside or energy can be supplied via a separately available emergency power adapter. This bypasses the power supply and you can use your opening medium to open the door again.

Without authentication, there can be no opening of the locks. So if the smartphone battery is empty, the door must be opened with another medium. Either use a smart card or key fob (of another person) for this purpose or ask an authorized person to initiate a remote opening. Some locks (e.g. lever handle KK2172 or door fitting KK2174) can optionally be opened in combination with a mechanical key.

If lost, the medium should be deactivated immediately. This is done via the KleverKey admin area and is done in a few moments. This is done via the KleverKey admin area and is done in a few moments.

You can be sure that you are ordering the right locks by activating our Perfect Fit Guarantee free of charge. Gewissheit, dass Sie die richtigen Schlösser bestellen erlangen Sie mit der kostenlosen Aktivierung unserer Perfect-Fit-Garantie. You can also use our lock selection guide to help you choose the right product for your door with just a few questions.

All locks, media and users can be managed and controlled remotely, i.e. centrally via the KleverKey Portal (our Internet management application), independent of location and device.

The locks can be adjusted with

  • Smartcards (transponder cards)
  • Key Fobs (Transponder Key Fobs)
  • Smartphones, via app or for guest access via browser


KleverKey products can be used for smartcards and keyfobs. Alternatively, own ISO14443A transponders can be used. In Switzerland, it is possible to program the Swisspass for access authorizations.

Profile cylinder: lengths from 26/26mm – 200/200mm

CH round cylinders: 32/32 to 72/72 – longer lengths on request

n.b. From a total length of more than 90 mm, an additional charge will be made.

Yes, every activity is logged in the KleverKey Portal. You can see in real time who opened or locked which lock and when.