KleverKey Lösungsübersicht

KleverKey solution architecture

KleverKey is an online cloud locking solution. This architecture allows your system to be managed regardless of device or location. Everything is managed through a powerful, intuitive platform – the KleverKey Cloud. The management interface is connected to all locks and readers at all times, so authorizations are active in real time. This architecture brings a multitude of advantages that are superior to systems built differently.

everything in real time

You have a complete overview at all times. You know who unlocked or locked which lock and when.

More security

You can grant authorizations with immediate effect but also revoke them. Key losses thus represent a much lower security risk.

Simple and time saving

With KleverKey's online cloud management system, authorizations are granted and revoked in the blink of an eye, without physical key transfers.

Completely new possibilities

Remote opening, guest access via SMS, time lock schedules, opening log, remote lock status (unlocked-locked), office mode (different opening modes), user roles ...