Secure & mobile access for your products to build new digital solutions

The KleverKey OEM Module Micro is programmed with our OS in your production facilities by means of the KleverKey Create tool.

The end user can directly use your product after installation of the free KleverKey App and an initial registration.

The quickest way to enter the Smartphone World for your products.

You can integrate the advanced KleverKey technology in a fast and easy fashion with the new KleverKey OEM Module Micro:

  • Control your products with KleverKey using a Smartphone
  • Send permissions via the KleverKey App or Cloud, any time and anywhere
  • High security through encryption of all data
  • Protect your data through Swiss data protection laws

OEM Module Micro (BLE)

The KleverKey compatible Bluetooth module can be easily integrated into your products.

With our powerful KleverKey OS, KleverKey Apps and Cloud you get a quick entry into the Smartphone world.