Secure building access solutions with a future

We enable digital and secure access control for company buildings.

Our professional, wireless Smart Locks can be easily installed with existing locking systems by yourself or a service partner.

With our cloud-based management solution, you decide who has access to your buildings and when.

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The advantages are convincing

No More Time-Consuming Key Management - Grant and revoke digital keys anytime and anywhere.

Have Full Overview At All Times - Thanks to real-time data and event logs; you will always keep your office space under control.

Maximum Security - Data is always transmitted in an encrypted form. The security measures are monitored and regularly upgraded.

No Circumstantial Modifications - KleverKey enables a simple Plug & Play installation without the cabling of locks.

KleverKey is an Investment that Pays Off - Favorable procurement costs, low administration costs, and no costs because of key loss.

Future-Proof and Always Up-To-Date - KleverKey has a high level of software know-how. That is why we provide you with the best possible systems today and in the future.

Best in Class

The KleverKey Management Interface

With the KleverKey management software you have your locks under control everywhere and at any time. You control important functions intuitively and with just a few clicks.

From the gallery:

  • Share authorization (key)
  • System overview using the system dashboard
  • Share activation link
  • Configure time locking schedule (timer)
  • View opening log (events)
  • Remote opening
  • Add smart card
  • Invite administrator
  • Define new role


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Our Promise

We want to make access control for SMEs more secure, easier, and more affordable. Our award-winning products and systems are precisely tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized companies. Security, flexibility, and reliability of locking systems are our top priority, and thousands of users experience this every day. KleverKey is a Swiss quality product and meets the highest standards. Development, service, and support are accessible and customer-oriented.

We stand by these promises!

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