KleverKey Features

KleverKey combines all the functions you expect from an access system and keeps getting better and better thanks to continuous software updates! All locks are networked to automatically synchronize changes in permissions or lock settings. Users have the option of opening the doors via app, with a smart card or even remotely.

Fully digitized authorization management in the cloud
All permissions can be managed centrally and at any time via platform. All locks are online which allows for a complete configuration through the cloud.

Offline function
Resilience comes first. Battery operation ensures that the KleverKey locks can be opened anytime. Thanks to our innovative offline first architecture, a network outage can also be compensated.

Opening doors via smartphone (app), smart card or remote
No matter your preference, KleverKey supports all access options. Quickly open doors via smart card, the modern way via app or remotely. If required, also fully automatized (time-controlled).

Professional wireless locks for interior and exterior doors
KleverKey locks are easy to install thanks to wireless communication and battery operation. The intelligent coupling mechanism ensures, multi-year battery life and high reliability.

High security
We use proven and standardized security algorithms. Our security concept is constantly reviewed by external security consultants.


Event logs
All information regarding your doors can be viewed in real time: doors being opened, authorization overview, battery notification, etc.

Time controls

All locks can be opened and closed via time controls to allow unhindered access during office opening hours. The configuration of the time schedule and exceptions can be modified via the cloud platform. The synchronization of the clock inside the lock takes place fully automatically.


We enable digital and secure access control for small and medium-sized enterprises. Our professional wireless smart locks can be integrated into existing locking systems without any service partners required. With our cloud-based management solution, you can decide who has access to your buildings at any given time.

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